The King in Yellow

Hey Rupert 2

Confessions and Peanuts

Hey Rupert, I brought you some peanuts.

It’s been such a wild ride since I saw you last. We’re figuring out there is something bigger going on with this girl. I’d tried to explain it to you but it has to do with Time and Fate and all sorts of really hard stuff that I don’t know if I exactly understand, though, I try to make it sound like I understand. You know, it’s important to sound smart when you’re around the smart people.

We explored this strange church that was bigger on the inside and out of time … yeah, I guess like inside a wall, that’s actually really smart Rupert. Yeah, like you think the wall is one size but it’s actually bigger on the inside. You’re a smart rodent my friend, I think that’s why I like you.

I’m having a hard time fitting in with the mages in this city. My friends are really cool and they even invited me to be an official part of their group and all so we’re all good. But every other mage I meet in this town has some creepy vibe going on. I think the only nice person I met since I saw you is this crow named Hugin. OK, nice “creature”, he’s not a person … What? You don’t like crows? Yeah, I guess you compete and all but he’s nice enough I think and there is plenty of food to go around.

Anyway, you can keep the whole bag. I came by to say goodbye for now. I’m going to be leaving town and I’m not sure how soon I will be back. It’s ok – I’m sure you can find some food if you run out. I will bring you a nice hot dog or something when I get back. Those nitrates will keep you running for a long time.

Catch you later Rupert. Don’t move dens while I’m gone.



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