The King in Yellow

Hey Rupert 3 (Dear Rupert)

Letter from afar

Dear Rupert,

We are already having an exciting trip. Even before we got on the road, I had to help secure the homestead and heal a wounded horse. She was totally full of herself though, a horse’s ass (get it, horse’s ass? I think that will make you laugh when you read this).

We left town by car (I got to sit with Baby) and we arrived at the ferry terminal. The weather was looking grim – an evil spirit trying to stop us with weather magic grim. We couldn’t do much to avoid the weather (though I did work a little spell to protect us from the cold) and we had to use all of our charm to get the boat captain to leave. You would have been very impressed with how we handled it.

We arrived and set out on foot. it was so nice to get to stretch my legs and finally get to take the gang out into nature. We found a magical time warning – very cool, a date and time that someone wrote for us to look into past and see a message recorded in the world history book. Mercy made us some masks (it’s complicated to explain) and then we had to throw down with a crazy possessed wizard. Or maybe he was a ghost himself and his body was possessed. Again, it’s hard to explain.

Oh shit, it’s getting late. I promise to keep an eye open for some tasty roadkill for you. Or Nutter Butters in the gas stations. I know you’re a peanut fan.

Oh, and i guess I will have to bring the letter to you … rats don’t have mailboxes, do they?

Your friend,




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