Moroi medical student and Mystagogue


Oleena Ionescu
Played by: Lauren
Shadow Name: Mercy
Path: Moros
Order: Mysterium
Birthday: October 12, 1994 (Age 23)
Birthplace: Eugene, Oregon
Current Residence: Anchorage, Alaska
Nationality: U.S.A.; Romanian
Occupation: Mercy is currently completing her 2nd year of medical school at University of Alaska, Anchorage. She hopes to become a Medical Examiner for the Anchorage PD Forensics and Crime Scene Investigations unit. She earned her undergraduate degree in Biology (with a minor in Chemistry) from the University of Oregon.
Family: Mother – Marica, Father – Vali, Brother – Nic, Grandmother – Sorina
Personality: Mercy has a warm, inviting energy. People have told her how approachable she is her whole life. She was a sweet and curious child and has been asking questions since she learned to speak. As an adult, Mercy is confident and ambitious. She is consumed by her various projects and her veracious appetite for academia, leaving little time to socialize. Mercy prefers it that way, but once you’ve approached her, she will hold your attention until long after she has said, “La Revedere.”
Familiar: Sorina, Mercy’s ghostly grandmother. Sorina often possesses Baby, her Anatolian Shepherd that she adored when she was alive. Mercy is rarely seen without Baby by her side.

“Te leg, Bunica.”
“Suntem pe veci legaţi.”


“Those who fear death cannot enjoy life.”

Mercy was born to Romanian immigrants in Eugene, Oregon. She and her elder brother, Nic, enjoyed a comfortable upbringing thanks to her father’s success as a dentist. Mercy focused on her schooling, trying her best to make her parents proud. Nic, however, was expelled from two high schools in two years for theft and vandalism, respectively. Mercy felt she needed to be the perfect daughter to balance out the shame her father said Nic brought to the family. However, Mercy did not share her family’s criticisms of Nic. He was exciting. He embodied freedom and chaos. He had no desire to know the things she read about in books. He just wanted to do, to experience. Nic forced the Ionescu family to think on their feet and Mercy loved him for it. Looking back, Mercy can identify Nic as her first teacher, the one who helped her realize that she could never understand the mysteries by solely reading about them in books, even if he would never know it.

Nic also unknowingly introduced Mercy to her first ghost. His name was Leslie Aaron Cline and he strangled six women in the summer of 2008. Fortuitously, he drowned in the Willamette while trying to rid himself of the body of his sixth victim. Nic brought back a gold watch he found on a weekend fishing trip, Leslie in tow – clinging, angry, confused. Leslie regaled Mercy with descriptive accounts of each of his victim’s deaths. He would threaten Mercy with their fates, describing exactly what he wanted to do to her, how he wanted to wrap his calloused hands around her alabaster throat, but after a few months she was unfazed by his taunting. She knew she was his only source of fun. She grew to think of Leslie as an annoying little pet. Mercy’s grandmother overheard her say, “Shut the fuck up, Leslie” so many times she worried her granddaughter was hearing voices. When Nic remembered the watch he tossed in the back of his dresser drawer and decided to hock it, he sold Leslie and his full-bellied laughs with it. Mercy hopes to find Leslie again one day.


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